Moving Services ...

Moving Services ...

How Can We Help With Your Residential Move?

Moving can present one of life's biggest challenges.  It can be very physically and emotionally draining......but it doesn't have to be that way!  Let us help reduce the time and effort necessary for a successful low stress move.

Below is a list of services that may be helpful during your move:

    * Pack moving boxes and label them at your old home
    * Unpack moving boxes and put away items at your new home
    * Wait for quotes from various moving companies
    * Reservation and delivery of rental moving van (up to 26') for the do-it yourself types
    * Wait for delivery of furniture to your new home
    * Wait for the cable/satellite/utility person to hook up new service
    * Garage sale help - why move all your extra junk?
    * Drop off donations to local charity and bring back receipt

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