Business Services ...

Business Services ...

Could Your Business Use a Little Extra Help?

With all the corporate cut backs and layoffs, you may need a little extra help now and then.  I operate as an independent contractor, so you don't have to worry about the high cost of Workers Comp, medical benefits, or paid vacations.  Gift certificates are also available in hourly increments, and make great gifts for valued employees!  It's difficult for workers to be productive if they are "out and about" doing other things.  Reduce employee absenteeism by having me run their errands, wait for their cable guy to show up, or drop their car off for service.

Below is a list of services that a business may find particularly useful:

    * Emergency order and delivery of supplies
    * Courier/messenger service
    * Delivery of court documents
    * Floral deliveries for valued employees
    * Fedex/UPS/Post office package drop off
    * Delivery of lunch for entire department
    * Pick up & delivery of tables & chairs or equipment
    * Set up & break down of equipment for meetings/parties/seminars
    * Set up & take down holiday decorations
    * Packing & unpacking boxes during relocation
    * Corporate housing search
    * Temp office help (proficient in ms Office; Win98/NT/XP)
    * Special projects
    * Photo copying & faxing
    * Envelope stuffing
    * Filing
    * Mystery shopper

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